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Becoming a Member

Why Join our group?

  • Become instantly BIG
  • Access regional and national insurance companies
  • Increase agency income and value
  • Compete with larger agencies
  • Large account pricing and placement assistance
  • Overrides and Growth Bonuses
  • Participate in national SIAA Portfolio Mgt Service Fees (PMSF)
  • Topical, regional networking and training meetings
  • Attract quality producers with additional compensation
  • Automation and comparative rater discounts
  • Administration, sales and marketing assistance
  • Agency management consultation
  • Specialty markets and program opportunities
  • Life Insurance professional that will sell for you
  • Discounts on office supplies and shipping

What are the requirements?

We are looking for agents that are professional, have strong potential and are interested in growing with us under the NFAN/SIAA model of placing as much quality business as possible with our Strategic Partnership Company & Program Partners. 

What is the cost?

There is an intial joining fee and monthly amounts due but over 90% of NFAN Members experience a positive return on investment in less than two years after joining. Many of our more tenured members have received back hundreds of thousands of dollars more from NFAN than they have paid all time including joining fees & on going amounts due. 

What separates NFAN from the others?

The NFAN/SIAA model is by far the most financially beneficial to it's individual members agency offices when compared to other similar groups today like Brightway and others. The additional financial incentives available from our Strategic Partnership Companies (SPC's) will help promote placing business with top national SPC carriers such as Safeco, Travelers, Hartford, Nationwide and others. This makes it a win-win-win, for your clients, your agency and our network overall. NFAN is comprised of hardworking, business professionals that work as a team to achieve success for all members. In addition to gaining access to additional markets and receiving profit sharing on directly appointed business written with our Strategic Partnership Companies, you will also reduce office and overhead expenses under special relationships we have with program partners & vendors. 

Becoming a member of NFAN will allow you to gain markets, add &/or increase your profit sharing, provide guaranteed overrides, and strengthen company relationships, all while helping your team as they work with your clients to place coverage as often as possible with the top carriers available today and their strong policy coverage forms, competitive rates and world class claims handling.